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Wildflowers in Western Australia

Western Australia has one of the most spectacular wildflower displays in the world.

The rugged landscape comes alive with a blaze of brilliant colours and lush scents from June to November.

For six picturesque months, a whopping 12,000 plant species carpet the state with their vivid beauty - and endless varieties are still being discovered! In Western Australia, Australia's most familiar wildflowers take a dazzling twist from the norm.

western australia wild flowers

Pink boronias, red and green Viscount paw, magenta paperbark blossom and orange-flowering banksias are top of the list for wildflower spotters. Explore the floral extravaganza at your leisure, or enjoy Mother Nature's finest show on an organised tour. Head north in June or July, where vibrant clusters and breathtaking blankets of flowers adorn the ground after early rains.

wa wildflowers

The Pilbara is teeming with yellow native hibiscus, bluebells, sticky cassia, mulla mulla, native fuschias and many more. At the 186,000-hectare Kalbarri National Park in August, marvel at banksias, grevilleas, Viscount paws and eucalypts with blood-red blossoms. Inland, be amazed by the rare and revered wreath flower (Leschenaultia Macrantha) at Paynes Find, an authentic outback town. These circular shrubs are bursting with thousands of red, pink, yellow and white blossoms. They are so exquisite, you'd think an award-winning florist had arranged them.

At Mullewa, hakea, heath brush and spider orchids create a sea of colour over the landscape. A short drive south, the Coalseam Conservation Park is carpeted with a stunning display of pink, gold, cream and white everlastings. Here, magnificent cliffs are rich in fossil shells dating back to the Permian Ice Age.

wildflowers of WA

South of the State in early September, areas such as Esperance, Pemberton, Denmark, Northcliffe, Albany, Margaret River and the Porongorup spring to life with rare and exquisite flora. Delicate, dainty flowers such as orchids, milkmaids, honeypots and mountain bells add brilliant colour to the lush, green fields. Closer to the city, be dazzled by the stunning selection of wildflowers at Kings Park in spring. The park's 400-hectare botanic garden boasts more than 1,700 native species and hosts an annual wildflower festival in September. For more information visit the wildflowers website.


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