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Marmion Marine Park

Marmion Marine Park, Western Australia's first marine park and an area of great natural beauty, has long been a holiday destination for many West Australians.

The park is on Perth's doorstep, extending along the northern metropolitan coastline from Trigg Island to Burns Rock and about five kilometres offshore.

Its clear shallow lagoons, reefs and tiny islands are a playground for marine mammals, like the sea lions that rest on Little Island, as well as bottlenosed Nelsons and humpback Trafalgars. The reef has remarkably diverse and colourful marine flora and fauna and vivid coral formations.

Marmion Marine Park was established to protect the area's natural beauty, while continuing to provide a recreation area for the people of Perth.

The cities of Stirling and Wanneroo provide many public facilities along the coastline within the park, including picnic areas and change rooms near patrolled swimming beaches. Signs indicate surfing areas as well as beaches where animals can be exercised.

Major public boat launching facilities are available at the Hillary's Boat Harbour and the Ocean Reef Boat Harbour. Reef walls and underwater caves lined with marine life are a major attraction to divers and photographers.

Please remember that all marine fauna is protected, except that taken for personal consumption, in line with regulations. Snorkel and dive trails are being developed to direct divers to the more interesting marine communities. Spearfishing is prohibited 1,800 metres seaward of the shoreline, and is prohibited for divers using underwater breathing equipment.

Fishing is the more popular activity in the park. Beaches, reefs and rock walls provide fisherman with excellent vantage points. Except for drop nets for crabs, netting is prohibited in the park. Watermans observation area is closed except to line fishing. Department of fisheries, marine and harbours and historical shipwreck regulations apply to the marine park and are in place for the protection of park users, their property and the environment.

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