Why Stay in Self-Catering Apartments in Perth for your Holiday

Have you ever considered staying in a self-catering apartment for your holiday but been a bit confused about what it is all about?

Well let me explain a little bit about them. We have run the http://www.dukesapartments.com in Perth Western Australia for the last six years, so we know a bit about the Apartment Accommodation business.

First of all what exactly are “self-catering holiday apartments” ? Generally they are privately owned apartments, managed and operated by the owners. There are large chains that offer “self-catering apartments  but generally these are also “serviced apartments” in hotel style complexes. This article is focussed on the privately owned holiday apartments, which offer quite a few advantages over the apartments from large chains, but be aware there are also some disadvantages.

First lets look at the advantages:

Now lets take a look at the disadvantage, because you will be disappointed if you arrive expecting the advantages of a hotel, with full reception and maid and room service. Here they are:

So overall, if you are looking at a holiday in a self-catering apartment take all of these points into considerations, and weigh up the advantages and disadvantages and then make your decision. Happy holidaying.

Anne, http://www.dukesapartments.com